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    1 or 2-day CBM Course

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Coal Seam Gas Completions and Production: Principles & Best Practices

Looking for productive coals:

  1. BulletPermeability is key

  2. BulletStrategy for  low perm coals

Video Tutorials

Drilling the wells:

  1. BulletHorizontal wellbore stability - during drilling

  2. BulletWellbore stability during production - hole collapse and fines

  3. BulletLiners

Examples of commercial production:

  1. BulletHighlights of industry survey

  2. BulletBenchmark to predict success in new CBM play

  3. BulletRecent successful CBM plays

Testing the coals:                                                                       

  1. Bullet    Pre-completion testing - IFOT versus DFIT versus DST

  2. Bullet    Pilot testing

Choosing a completion:                                                                     

  1. Bullet    Horizontals and multilaterals

  2. Bullet    Under-ream, cavity, hydraulic fracture

  3. Bullet    How to choose - decision trees

Diagnosing a completion:                                                                     

  1. Bullet    Methods - tracers, microseismic, tiltmeter, frac pressure, well testing

  2. Bullet    Field cases

Benchmarking completion via production:

  1. BulletSimple rule-of-thumb to evaluate completion

  2. BulletField examples


  1. BulletFracturing horizontal wells

  2. BulletProducing coals with perms < 1 md

  3. BulletPerm changes during production